1303490006himalayan-designsWe pride ourselves with the warranty we offer. Our warranty on fixtures is the same as the manufacturer’s warranty and when you buy a complete system from us we will warrant that system against manufacturer’s defects as well and will show up for the repair or exchange WITHIN THE MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY.

Our connections and cables we warrant that for as long as you own your home.  The warranty applies if the cables or connections are not damaged or disturbed by acts of nature, animals, other contractors or home owner. The materials we use are of high commercial grade for durability. We do not warrant other contractors cabling or fixtures, connections, transformers or their connections when we do a repair work for others systems not installed by us. All of the products we sell are UL approved. The warranties only imply how long the manufacturer warrants their item (s), in essence the products last a lot longer than the warranty by the manufacturers.

We will work with you on those rare occasions where a homeowner causes damage to systems we installed. Also we can do the repairs for other contractor installs.  We do offer maintenance plans as well but truthfully, when a job is well done you shouldn’t need much maintenance at all specially if the fixtures are LEDs and not disturbed or damaged. We stand behind our original work 100% warranty on that.

OUTDOOR & LANDSCAPE LIGHTING low voltage LED lighting installations & repairs, ALL Asheville & surrounding areas 50 miles

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