A1 Illuminations offers a free service of re-directing or simple moving fixtures for best efficiency after we do the initial installation. Rarely need after we are done but we can do it free. We will be there for you when you need us. Also we could come on an emergency, for example system goes down from lighting strike or a bear sits on a crucial fixture and you are having a party that night… we understand. We don’t work in the rain.

We can service anyone who calls us that has a 12, 13, or 14 volt low voltage systems within our service area. You can count on us for appointments when we confirm.

So, when you need a “tune-up” or repair let us know and of course if you like to upgrade to LED or need a new system please try us out, we won’t let you down.

Our established usually come first come first but we like servicing  others too! That could be you. All calls are important to us please make sure you leave a message or a number or a text message. 

Thank you.


OUTDOOR & LANDSCAPE LIGHTING low voltage LED lighting installations & repairs, ALL Asheville & surrounding areas 50 miles

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