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The best heavy duty solid bras fixture
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Detail specialized deck light

A1 Illuminations will install many different fixtures from different manufactures and local stores that have proven to LAST. Since we don’t profit from the fixtures we just don’t push any specific “unproven fixture” for profit. We are simple and straight to the point and keep our word. The fixtures that we recommend and install for the most part, are the ones we know and have proven to be the most durable, problem free, aesthetically clean looking and most beautiful at the best price.  Cheap fixtures that don’t last, we know those, we will not put in. We can recommend and install low priced fixtures that we know last and give good light, not all do. Some good fixtures can be found locally if you prefer to buy them yourself, please consult us, for free,  if you want us to install them.

As an independent company we are not bound or limited to a single manufacturer or lighting fixture products via contract or agreement to sell just one manufacturer’s product line. We feel comfortable offering a customer open choices. All manufacturers just do not  have 100% problem free fixtures on All their fixtures. We make sure that all fixtures we recommend are the ones that truly last the longest and are not the big $$$ ones. We recommend the better ones that have a great seal from humidity.

A1 Illuminations will not push an individual product for the sole intention of profit! These name manufacturers are the ones we mostly use over the year that are excellent!  Volt, Cast Lighting, Portfolio (surprise on this one) and one particular fixture style from Malibu.  All of these are trade names of manufacturers.  

As an option: we can also install fixtures a customer can buy on their own but we cannot warranty those. (not recommended but will help)

OUTDOOR & LANDSCAPE LIGHTING low voltage LED lighting installations & repairs, ALL Asheville & surrounding areas 50 miles

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