1276264945cpic_carlos_veranda_close_upOur installations consist of good commercial grade cable 14-16 gauge. the cable as the main blood line for the power flow to all fixtures. All connections are “hardwired” for BEST lasting results. Our style of work is efficient and done correctly from start to finish. We do take longer than others due to our hard cable wiring which is good for you! We don’t use connectors… all hard wired for reliability. We don’t charge for that and we don’t cut corners or put cheap things in or leave some things undone. The burying of cables and the placement of fixtures correctly is hard work but it pays off when we know the job is completed to high standards.

We do our best so there is no disturbance to the grounds or neighbors. Not blinding fixtures to you or a neighbor. We place the transformer (the box connected to an outlet.. must have a working outlet) out of sight as much as possible, bury cables well so they won’t come up out of the ground during a hard rains.

We stay away from quick or  fast clip connectors, they tend to fail, rust or come apart (root growing pulls them apart etc..) Any type of clip or easy connectors will need some sort of servicing eventually if not sooner.  It takes longer to do direct connections and seal them but is worth it to you and to us and we don’t charge more for them either. Our tight & waterproof connections do not need any servicing! We do offer maintenance plans but hardly anyone needs it. When a job is well done you shouldn’t need much maintenance for years to come. Thanks for reading.

OUTDOOR & LANDSCAPE LIGHTING low voltage LED lighting installations & repairs, ALL Asheville & surrounding areas 50 miles

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