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Jay & Elena Maya

Jay Maya and wifeA1 Illuminations, Inc. Asheville, NC  Yr. 2009

“ Great installation! We saved over others, it looks fabulous, and it’s just the way we wanted it!” Susan T.  (Mountain Aire, NC & Florida Keys) 6/18/14

“ They did a great job and didn’t overload us.”     S.T. (Asheville, NC) 8/19/2013

“These fellows know the lighting business. My outdoors looks just great!  Good quality work and not hard on the pocket.”Allen S. (Boca Raton, FL) 7/27/14

“ Very fair and great work, my wife loves it!” Walter F. (Boca Raton, FL) 8/20/14


The job was well done and thanks for the free update to our system.   3/25/15

Randy Asheville, NC 


The installation and placement turned out great, we love the low light level and the small LED light fixtures!

Luis R.  L and Kalena N. L  Biltmore,  Asheville


MY WIFE LOVES THE WORK I DID IN OUR NEWLY BUILT HOME”   120 Mills Place Woodfin.  Drive by and see it any night ti’ll 10:30 PM.    3/12/15  :-)


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