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Jay Maya started doing landscape lighting in Boca Raton, FL in Jan 1998. At first he did his home as a hobby and soon the neighbors wanted lighting too and their neighbors and so on… kept growing from there. Finally had to go and get properly trained by a real pro in Tallahassee, Fl. Jay’s college roomate, an electrical engineer, taught him how with hands on. Jay’s friend Carlos has his own lighting company for over 20 yrs. Just do it right and is done one time. A+ Illuminations (was Jay’s company name in Boca Raton, Florida) it was fun but extremely hot in mid summer in the 90s. The business in Boca Raton and it rocketed for years then came the recession of 2008  🙁
It was time to make the move to Asheville. Jay left many clients with his older son Chris and do all helper friend Phil.

Jay is college educated with a bachelors in business marketing BA 🙂 worked with big banks and graduated to VP in his last banking job. Coat and tie got old after 15yrs. Outdoor lighting seemed so much nicer. Ended the coat and tie work. Jay has also built every home he has lived in, including 2 in Asheville. A1+Illuminations is the legal self proprietor name of the business now.

A1+ Illuminations services a 50 mile radius from Asheville. A special large job request somewhere else might be possible. LED technology has transformed the landscape lighting business radically by ease of installation. Fixtures just last for many years without changing any LED bulbs.

A1 doesn’t profit on light fixtures. Our hard earned profit comes from Great designs and great installations. Jay is friendly and easy to get along with.

WE don’t push fixtures, we don’t feel that by adding more fixtures to a good design will make it any better.  No hidden fees and “TRUE QUOTES IN WRITING FIRST VISIT. WE WILL NOT WASTE YOUR TIME”   We are only a phone call away to show up with a verified appointment 828 707 4380 Jay

A text or a call can start the a simple process we can meet. Thank you.

OUTDOOR & LANDSCAPE LIGHTING low voltage LED lighting installations & repairs, ALL Asheville & surrounding areas 50 miles

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